Human Canvas Blending In - Room / by Keyana Tahmaseb

For the whole 2013-2014 school year I am working on my photo project, Human Canvas Blending In. For this project, I paint a person to look exactly like a certain fabric/material of an everyday household item. I want to show how people can feel like they are nothing and how they can feel trapped in their own personal spaces. You can view more of this series here.

For this particular installment of my series, I was inspired by my own personal emotions. Lately I've been feeling "blank". As if my mind is a clean and empty slate, juts waiting to be filled, but nothing comes to me. As if there's an emptiness in my head creating a huge void. Living in my dorm doesn't help either. I keep coming back to this place that should be my "home" but it doesn't feel like it anymore. It's just an empty and numb place that isn't holding anything for me. Just like my mind.

Model: Elizabeth Nowicki.