Quarter Life Crisis / by Keyana Tahmaseb

Quarter Life Crisis, Annual Birthday Self-Portrait at 25

I remember hearing the phrase "Quarter Life Crisis" within my early twenties, and soon enough I would experience it for myself.
As much as I love living in New York City, it is constantly the hardest thing in my life. I only get to see my family two times a year at most. I've had my heart broken more times than I can count. I constantly struggle with the way I look. I'm still trying to balance my career/work life and personal photography life. 
But even with these struggles, I constantly push myself to be proud of all the things that I have accomplished, and with who I am. 
So here's to my "quarter life crisis", to making more mistakes, and constantly growing.

Photo Assistant: Elizabeth Anne Nowicki
Make-Up Artist & Hair Stylist: Sierra Matthews